Principal investigator
Fa-Hsuan Lin

Graduate students
Jun-Yuan Chang, M.D. (2009-)
Jhy-Neng Yeh, M.S. (2012-)
Pu-Yeh Wu, M.S. (2013-)
Yi-Tin Lin, M.D. (2013-)
Yi-Tien Li, M. S. (2014-)
Guan-Yi Lu, (2015-)
Shu-Yu Huang, (2015-)
Yu Ching , Lam (2015-)
Tzu-Hsing, Jan (2015-)
Tai-Yu, Lu (2015-)
Pei-Yan, Lee, M.S. (2016-)

Postdoctoral fellows
Yi-Cheng Hsu, Ph.D. (2013-)
Jo-Fu Lin, Ph.D. (2013-)
Ying-Hua Chu, Ph.D. (2014-)

Administrative: Yan-Ru Chen (2009-)

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Yi-Ting Hsu, M.S. (2014). “Single-shot proton MR spectroscopic inverse imaging

Yi-Cheng Hsu, Ph.D. (2013). “Mathematical theory and technical designs for magnetization excitation in high field MRI” (co-supervised with Prof. I-Liang Chern)

Kevin Wen-Kai Tsai, Ph.D. (2012). “Multi-projection magnetic resonance inverse imaging

Tsung-Ming Huang, M.S. (2012). “Iterative self-consistent magnetic resonance inverse imaging
Chiao-Yu Chen, M.S. (2011). “Neural correlates of vowel perception modulated by audio-visual asynchrony

Fu-Hua Yang, M.S. (2011). “Neuromagnetic correlates of behavioral variability in voluntary visuomotor tasks

Wei-Tang Chang, Ph.D. (2010). “High spatial resolution distributed current source estimation using magnetoencephalography

Ying-Hua Chu, M.S. (2010). “Effective connectivity analysis on functional magnetic resonance imaging of the human brain

Yu-Jen Chou, M.S. (2009). “Structural equation modeling on the functional magnetic resonance imaging of the human brain